About Us

Charitr is a Learning Management Solution Provider focusing on developing e learning applications for clients targeting students in India with an expert team of people working remotely from all over India. Charitr aims at providing integrated e-learninng solutions that transforms brands to grow in a technology-driven world.

Our mission is to provide character development based e- learning content for our clients.
Our vision is to help brands make more money, create real results and touch the world until the world can’t live without you.

The company gets its name from the sanskrit word ‘charitr’ from which is derived the english word character.

Our vision statement has three variables, namely, to provide comprehensive and retentive information , create real results, and touch the world. The firm fulfills the first component of the vision statement by providing niche content for e learning applications. The company fulfills the create real results component by offering user focused up to date content building. The touch the world component of the vision statement refers to character development focused Content development .